Sunday, September 16, 2012

Worst Owners in Professional Sports

Looking at the MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA teams, EPSN ranked all 122 franchises on a number of factors. They graded the Maloofs as the worst ownership and Power Balance Pavilion as the second to worst stadium. Combining all of the factors, ESPN ranked the Sacramento Kings franchise as 121 out of 122, better only than the New York Islanders.
Ultimate Standings 2012 - No. 121 - Sacramento Kings - ESPN

How does a franchise come to feature the worst-ranked ownership in the Big Four? By following the Maloof family blueprint. In a nutshell, it all revolves around a lack of commitment. Financially, the Maloofs have ponied up one of the NBA's lowest payrolls for three consecutive seasons, which has resulted in few solid complementary players for the franchise's young faces, who have been disappointing themselves. We're looking at you Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette.

The Maloofs have also devoted little money to the upkeep of Power Balance Pavilion, a structure best put out to pasture.

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