Friday, September 13, 2019

Andrew & Shannon's Wedding - Day 2

Up early, I went out for a 2 3/4 mile run. I ran up to Switzer Farm and looped around the 20 acre property. With the wedding party staying on site, I stopped and visited. I ran through the very small town and then down on to the Westport Headlands beach before heading back to the house.

Back at the VRBO, I rallied Sharon and Jack. We went back to the Switzer Farm and had brunch with the wedding party.

Dropping Sharon and Jack back at the rental, I drove back to the wedding venue. I spent the morning and early afternoon helping get everything set up. I staged the wine for the Shandrewpalooz. From the main parking lot on the property, you have to cross a bridge and walk through a barn to get to the house. We hung a wide variety of pictures from all of the families along one wall of the barn. It was a very cool space.

Eventually, I headed back to the VRBO and got cleaned up. It was really nice to have the place so close to the wedding venue.

At 3:00 pm, every one got together for the rehearsal. It is about one-fifth of a mile walk from the house down to the spot on the cliffs where Andrew and Shannon are getting married. We walked through the ceremony.

The rehearsal dinner was on the front porch of the house. Sharon and I hosted the dinner. We supplied wine paired with each course. The menu is here. Drew's mom made a decision not to attend.

My toast for the rehearsal dinner was an epic fail. More on that in a future post.

After dinner, they invited all of the wedding guests to an evening of music that they billed as the Shandrewpalooz. Tomasins, Wallens, Snipes, Larkins and my sister Lee Ann and her husband Dean joined the festivities. I will admit to being over served...

Sharon, Jack and I wandered back to the rental after 10 pm. Sharon and Jack drove back, while I enjoyed the walk.

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