Friday, September 27, 2019

Winchester Country Club

At Winchester Country ClubFriday morning, Sam Samms, Larkin and I played eighteen holes at the Winchester Country Club. I had never played this course before. The three of us played Del Paso Country Club almost exactly a year ago.

For the first time in several outings, I actually warmed up on the driving range. Partially as a result, I feel like I didn't struggle as much on the first few holes.

I ended up shooting a very liberally scored winter rules 108. I struggled with the greens; I three putted eight holes. Feeling like I was doing pretty well, holes ten, eleven and twelve kicked my butt.

With just the three of us and no one in front of us, we played fast. We were done in before three hours and 45 minutes. Afterwards, we had a leisurely lunch in the clubhouse.

I really enjoyed the day. Although I am not very good, I have been enjoying our golf outings over the last couple of months; this is the fourth time I have played in the last three months.

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