Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Survivor: All Stars (Season 8)

Saturday night, Sharon, Jack, Drew, Shannon and I finished watching the last two episodes of Survivor: All Stars.

Survivor: All-Stars is the eighth season of the American CBS reality television series Survivor. It was filmed from November 3, 2003, through December 11, 2003.  It premiered on February 1, 2004 after Super Bowl XXXVIII. 

It was filmed on the Pearl Islands of Panama.  For the first time, 18 returning competitors from the seven previous seasons played instead of the usual 16 new contestants.

The winner was Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway Amber Brkich.  She beat Survivor: Marquesas castaway Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano by a 4–3 jury vote. The two had been closely allied throughout the game.  At the live reunion show just before the votes were read, Brkich accepted a marriage proposal from Mariano.

After seeing Boston Rob and Amber on the current season of Survivor (Winners at War), we watched them in season seven of the Amazing Race and this season of Survivor.  Next, we will watch season 22 of Survivor (Redemption Island) that Boston Rob wins.

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