Sunday, June 04, 2023

2023 England and Scotland - Day #12 - To Brampton

I let Sharon sleep late. She eventually came down about 8 am. For breakfast, I had a plate with cheese, meat, tomatoes and a hard boiled egg, while Sharon had the full English Breakfast.

Tom and Anna-Marie left the Darce House about 20 minutes ahead of us. Sharon and I finally rolled close to 930 am.

I was pleasantly surprised by the morning. There is a very nice section of the wall with turrets and milecastles. Sharon and I caught up with Tom and Anna-Marie at Fort Birdsowald. We got our passports stamped at the fort.

The four of us walked together for the rest of the day. We stopped and had lunch about 1230 pm just beyond the Matthew's Honesty Box.

We got to Haytongate about 2 pm. The plan was for the three of them to call a taxi to take them the three miles into Brampton to the hotel. The taxi company asked them to walk down to the Lanercost Tea Room. They eventually got picked up about 245 pm.

I humped the last 2 1/2 miles into town by myself. About 60% of the hike was through the Quarry Beck; a beautiful stream in the bottom of a canyon. In total, I covered about 9.5 miles in four hours and ten minutes.

We are spending the night at the Scotch Mews Arms. We couldn't check into 4 pm so I met the group at The Howard Arms for a pint. We got into the room just after 4 pm. The inn and the room exceeded my expectation.

We had dinner at The Howard Arms. Tom, Sharon and I all had the Traditional Topside Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Goose Fat Roasties, Fresh Vegetables and Rich Gravy.

After dinner, I finally got a chance to wash and dry a few things. While I know that I can pack for three weeks, there is no way that I can go four weeks without doing some laundry.

Getting my clothes out of the dryer about 940 pm, we crashed fairly early.

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