Thursday, June 01, 2023

2023 England and Scotland - Day #9 - To Chollerford

Tom, Sharon and I had breakfast at the inn. I had Dippy Eggs, while Sharon had Eggs Benedict.

With Anna-Marie deciding to take a rest day, the three of us pulled away from The Angel of Corbridge just after 8:30 am. It was a long five mile climb back up to the Hadrian's Wall Path. We made a quick stop at the Corbridge Roman Town; the site didn't open until 10 am.

It was dizzling lightly was we walked. I made the mistake of not bringing my raingear. Fortunately, it stopped. It was cold and windy for the rest of the day.

As we wound our way up, we came across an English Fox Hound kennel. We ended talking to the manager for more than 20 minutes. The kennel had 99 dogs! The manager said that he knew all of them by name. It was the highlight of the day!

After the kennel, we had a little bit of an adventure with a section of public trail. This included crawling under some electronic fence. I am not sure that we would have been able to find our way without using the map in the Macs Adventure app.

This was the first day that we had bought a snack lunch at the hotel. We struggled to find a good place to eat out of the wind, but eventually stopped a little after 1 pm.

In the afternoon, we made stops at St. Oswald's Church, the Planetrees Roman Wall and the Brunton Turret.

We finally reached the George Hotel about 4:30 pm. We hiked 12 miles in about 7 hours.

We had dinner at the hotel. Sharon and I split a coren soup and brussel pate for a starter. Sharon had hake for the main, while I had an odd chili con carne dish. It almost seemed like an Indian recipe.

After dinner, Tom and I walked to the Chollerford Bridge Abutment.

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