Friday, June 09, 2023

2023 England and Scotland - Day #17 - To Oban

We had breakfast at the Piper's Tryst Hotel. Sharon had Avocado Toast and I had Scrambled Eggs and Salmon again.

After breakfast, Tom and I took an Uber to pick up the Eurpocar rental car. The initial car that they tried to give us was just too small for the four of us and our luggage. We walked line of cars that they had and picked out the biggest one. It had a manual six speed transmission.

Picking up the car starts an adventure. Over the next ten days, I will be driving on the wrong side of the road with a manual tranmission.

We were able to navigate back to an alley on the side of the hotel. Loading the car, I was very happy that all of the luggage fit! I need to take a picture. I am also very pleased that the car supports Carplay.

We drove to Dunans Castle. It was about an hour and forty minute drive. Kevin and Eric bought Tom a piece of land there several years ago. We took a tour. Although a curmudgeon, the tour guide did a nice job talking about the history of the Scottish Highlands. Tom got to take a picture on the the piece of land that he owns.

We had a late lunch in Inveraray. I had a BLT sandwich, while Sharon had a vegetarian plate (Brambles of Inveraray).

After lunch, we headed to Oban. We are spending two nights at the Glenburnie House. This may be the best room of the trip. It is a large room with a king bed and a gorgeous view of the water.
I was mental and physically beat from four hours of driving on the right side of the road. In total, I spent almost four hours behind the wheel.

Sharon struggled a little to find a place to have dinner. We ended up at the Waterfront Fishhouse Restaurant. For starters, Sharon and I split sardines and seafood chowder. We ended up having dinner at Sharon and I both had Seabass fillet Served with Caper Mash and Creamy Leek Sauce for mains.

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