Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII

Sharon and I had talked about holding a Super Bowl party if the 49ers made it. We started to invite a few people, but with a plan to take off for two weeks on Monday, we decided to pivot away from the idea.

We ended up going to our neighbors Greg and Michele's house to watch the game. The group included Greg and Michele, Jim and Debi, Ed and Mary Lou, Michele's niece Sharon and her husband Nelson and Sharon and I.

Sharon and I played one game of pickleball against Sharon and Nelson before the game. We got killed by the score of 11 to 1. I haven't played pickleball since July of 2022, almost 20 months ago. It showed; Sharon and I were horrible.

The Super Bowl was very disappointing. Missing an extra point and fumbling a punt deep in their end, the 49ers let the Chiefs back into the game. The score was tied 19 to 19 at the end of regulation. The Chiefs won the game in overtime by the score of 25 to 22. I lost both of my small prop bets.

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