Thursday, February 22, 2024

2024 California Road-trip - Day #11 - Simi Valley

Sharon and I had breakfast at the hotel (breakfast burrito). Afterwards, we got bikes from the valet. We ended up riding almost 9 miles in about an hour and thirteen minutes. We rode from the hotel to the harbor and back.

It was a short one hour hop from Santa Barbara to Simi Valley. We made a quick stop at a Best Buy in Oxnard to look for a new kindle for Sharon; it appears that she left her old one in Pismo Beach.

The plan for the afternoon was the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum and Library. I have been to Simi Valley for work a number of times in the last ten years, but never visited the Museum. It is located on the top of a mountain overlooking the Simi Valley; the view is amazing.

Although I have a project to read biographies of all the presidents, I have not read anything about Reagan. The museum did a nice job telling the story of his life before he was governor of California. Sharon and I often talk about how social media curates people's lives. It was interesting that there was no mention of Reagan's eight year first marriage to Jane Wyman or much acknowledgmeent of his five children.

There is an older Air Force One on site in an impressive setting that you can tour. It is a Boeing 707. I was shocked how small it was. It is only 1,000 square feet. The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747 and is more than 4,400 square feet. There was a map of Reagan's overseas trip in the plane. I was surprised that he never visited Africa.

We took a break about halfway through the museum and had lunch at the onsite cafe. We both had tuna melts.

Both Sharon and I really enjoyed the site. I need to read a book of President Reagan at some point.

After touring the museum, we checked into the Marriott Courtyard Ventura Simi Valley. We are spending one night. We had a quick dinner at Red Robin. I had a chicken wrap, while Sharon had a veggie burger.

We finished the night watching the finale of season four of True Detective: Night Country on the AppleTV.

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