Friday, May 27, 2022

Glendale to White to Simi

In addition to being very close to the Glendale hospital, I like the Residence Inn Los Angeles Glendale because it has a Peloton bike. I started the day with a thirty minute Pop Ride with Cody.

I spent the day going from Glendale to White to Simi Valley and meeting with the IT Director at each site. I was glad that Sharon wasn't with me driving from site to site; I swear that the lanes are narrower in Southern California. In general, traffic was lighter than I expected. I ended up running ahead of schedule all day.

Heading back to the Burbank airport, my 5:30 pm Southwest flight was late coming from Phoneix. Boarding with A42 and going up the back stairs, I ended up with the two seat exit row aisle seat on an older 737. Although the flight was fairly full, no one ended up seating next to me. We ended up taking off about 6:15 pm.

I lamented to Jack and Sharon that people just don't know how to travel. I was fascinated by the amount of drama going on around me when people were loading and unloading the plane.

I was home back in Carmichael about 8:15 pm. Jack, Sharon and I finished the night watching the season finale of Survivor 42.

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