Sunday, August 17, 2003

Wallen and I went out for a 10k run in morning. We ran around their bay and out to the end of the peninsula between Oyster Bay and Twice a Day Bay. We are both too competitive for our own good. Wallen end up running the distance in 48:01 which works out a 7:45 per mile pace. I was about 20 seconds behind him for a 7:48 per mile pace. After working hard to close a 60 yard gap on a long downhill coming back into their bay, I completely ran out of gas and Wallen pulled away from me on uphill to their house.

When we got back to the house, Sharon, Jill and Jack were already in the boat. After John and I cleaned up, they picked us up. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We cruised around the Sound sightseeing and looking at houses on the water.

We ended up back at the Gregg's house on the water where we had dinner the night before. We picked them and headed to the Boatshed for a late lunch.

Jack and I ended the day by cruising around the bay in the Wallen's paddle boat out