Friday, October 03, 2003

2003 Kings Tickets Draw

We had a conference call to divide up the King's season tickets. It is a very odd group. Joe Larkin and I spit a quarter share in two King's season tickets; this works out to ten games. The other three shares are held by Sharon and her brother Tim, Sharon's ex-husband and a former boss of both Sharon and her ex-husband. Needless to say, interactions within the group are more than a little strained. I am not sure, but I think that this is the seventh year that Larkin and I have participated with the group.

It looks like Weber may not be on the court for the Kings until December. He has not yet been cleared to run on the knee.

Powered by big games from Randy Moss and Peyton Manning, my fantasy football team won 130 to 74. The team's record is now three wins and one loss.

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