Friday, January 09, 2004

Drew flew back to Irvine early Thursday morning and classes started today for the Winter quarter of his freshman year. His schedule for this quarter includes:

Crse          Crse     Sec      Grd 

Code Dept Num Typ Num Unts Opt Days Time
---- ---- ---- --- --- ---- --- ---- ----
02040 DANCE 30B STU A 2.0 PN M W F 08:30-09:50
02074 DANCE 50B STU C 2.0 PN M W 12:00-01:20
03010 DRAMA 30B STU F 4.0 GR T T 08:00-09:50
03080 DRAMA 70 STU A 4.0 GR TBA TBA -TBA
04090 MUSIC 78B LEC A 4.0 GR T T 01:00-02:20
21135 WRITING 39A SEM E 4.0 GR T T 11:00-12:20

total units enrolled 20.0 4.0 p/np units

I continue to have some concern that Drew is not taking enough general education classes. Morgan has a tough schedule this term, but more on that some other day.

I gave Drew a webcam for Christmas. He and I shared webcams tonight through MSN Messenger and he gave Sharon, Jack and I a virtual tour of his dorm room.

Jack is enrolled in a drama program that is being offered once a week. His first class was today.

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