Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Sharon and her brother Tim went to the Kings and Miami Heat basketball game tonight, while Jack and I watched the game on NBA League Pass on Directv. The Kings squeaked out a 90 to 86 victory.

Jack has been to four Kings games already this season and has started to ask in the last week when he gets to go again. One of the things that we got him for Christmas was a Kings wall calendar which details the schedule for 2003-04 season. He bought out the calendar tonight, pointed to a Houston game later this month and said that he wanted to go to that game. I had to explain to him that the game is IN HOUSTON, not Sacramento. He wanted to know how far it was to Houston...

Morgan has always taken a very agressive schedule of classes. For this term, She has Jazz Band before school [zero period], Advanced English 3 during first block, Advanced Algebra 2 during second block and Chemistry during third block. She also continues to hold down a job at Baskins and Robbins.

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