Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Thrills

On Monday at Sharon's work, they had a band called The Thrills performing live in the lunch room. I went to ITunes tonight and downloaded a live album that they had just released called from KFOG to IPOD. I fed a blank CD-R into the PC and burned a copy to play on the way to San Francisco tomorrow. Although Sharon thinks I am crazy, I believe that the record stores are going to have an increasingly difficult times competing with this type of technology.

Clearly, I am an early adopter. Nevertheless, fifteen years ago, I would spend my lunch hour wandering through the old Tower Book store at Watt and El Camino and leave with a stack of books. In April of 1997, I bought my first book from Amazon.com: Daytrips Italy: 40 One Day Adventures by Rail, Bus or Car. Now, I spend my lunch hour wandering through amazon.com. I actually get very frustrated looking for things in a real book store...

A year ago, Jack and I spent 24 hours traveling back from Manila, just the two of us, while Sharon continued on to Thailand with Pat.

Sharon dropped off an appetizer at the school for Teacher Appreciation day; we got credit for an hour of parent time.