Thursday, July 29, 2004

HP Briefing

Yvonne Risch, John Hummel, Todd Peterson and I spent a long day at the HP Customer Center in Cupertino. The agenda included: HP's Health Care Initiative; Adaptive Enterprise; ITSM Best Partices for Service Management; OpenView for IT Service Management; Business Continuity; Storage Solutions for Healthcare; Beyond TCO, and; Integrity Servers. It was almost 9:00 p.m. by the time I got home.

We have done a lot of briefings with different companies over the last year. I try to find a couple of nuggets of information in each briefing to take back and see how I can incorporate into all the things that we have going on. Looking at my notes and thinking about the day, two things stand out.

First, several of us in my management team have been talking about ITIL and have started some fundamental training. We need to acelerate those efforts.

Second, Windows CE IPaqs are dead. As an organization, we bought a lot of IPaqs over the last few years. I am an earlier adopter and have an elephant's graveyard of stuff that stretches back more than twenty five years. The current generation of the Blackberries are the most useful and functional product that I have ever seen. We started to roll them more than six months ago and still can not keep up with the internal demand. More importantly, the people who got the devices six months ago are actually using them. The Blackberries are not ending up in the back of drawer next to the IPaqs.

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