Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Greg Ostertag?!?

When I got into the truck after work and turned on the Sports 1140, they were playing a series of highlights of Greg Ostertag's play against the Kings. At that point, I realized that the Kings had signed Ostertag.

If you believe the Salt Lake City Tribute article, Ostertag's new deal will be worth $4 million next season. He will also own an option on returning to the Kings in 2005-06.

Divac, an unrestricted free agent, received a two-year contract that will pay him the Lakers' full $4.9 million mid-level exception next year.

For additional $900,000 a year, the Kings are much better off with Divic! It is very difficult for me to understand what the team is trying to accomplish with these two moves. There was some speculation during morning sports talk that the team hopes Peja will take more of a leadership role if he does not have Vlade to hide behind.

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