Friday, July 16, 2004

To Bremerton Washington

Sharon, Jack and I spent most of the day traveling to Bremerton, Washington for John and Jill Wallen's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party on Saturday night. We flew Southwest from Sacramento to the SeaTAC, rented a car and drove around to Bremerton. We got a room for two nights at the Oyster Bay Inn (The Pearl of Bremerton!?!).

Jack has been playing Chess in the extended day during summer school. I went Thursday night and got a chess set to take with us on the trip. Jack and I played our first game against each other on the plane and he beat me fair and square!

Once we got check into the hotel, we went by the Wallen's. After having a drink or two on their deck, a group that set off for dinner at the Yacht Club Broiler in Silverdale. The group for dinner included John and Jill, John's brother Jim, Jim's wife Allyn and their daughter Bailey, Jill's friend Molly, Jill's Mom, Sharon, Jack and I.

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