Sunday, August 01, 2004

Almanor Day 2

Today was a great example of the type of days that we have spent at Lake Almanor over the last seventeenth years. We spent lots of time in the boats, had lunch at one of the spots around the lake and had a great dinner put together by one of the families. In between all of these activities, Jack found time to play badminton, basketball and golf with the rest of the kids.

I got up about 7:30 a.m. Everyone else's cabins were dark and quiet. I went out for a four mile run heading north along the Lake.

It was close to 9:30 a.m. before everyone started to stir. Jack, Morgan and I went out on the Tomasin boat with Robbie, Mike and Tomasin. Mike wakeboarded, I single skied and Morgan skied on doubles. We had three boats out on the water: Tomasins, Hunters and Chabriers. The boats stopped together out on the lake, while everyone swam and shoot each other with squirt guns.

Heading back to the dock, we were planning on going to the Hamburger Hut for lunch. We found out that John and Jill Wallen had taken Julie Tomasin and headed for Plumas Pines for lunch. We changed direction and took the boats to Plumas Pines.

After lunch, Jack, Morgan and I went out on the Wallen's boat to take Jack tubing. We tubed Jack for a long time and then Jill dragged me behind the boat for a while on the tube. We finished up by dragging Jack all the way back to the dock on the tube.

The Dorado Inn changed hands a few years ago and the new owners started the tradition of hosting a cocktail hour on Sunday afternoons. Once the cocktail hour wound down, everyone drifted down to the barbecues to supervise Wallen while he cooked tri-tips.

We ended up eating dinner pretty late. After dinner, we had cake and ice cream for Robby Hunter's birthday; he turned 20 years old today. The adults ended the day talking around the picnic tables, while the kids wandered off to watch movies and play cards.

Almanor Day 3

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