Monday, August 02, 2004

Almanor Day 3

Wallen and I went out for an early run. We covered the same 4 mile course that I had covered the previous day. Over the first half of the run, we had an interesting discussion about the ten commandments as I was gasping for breathe. During the last half, Wallen left me in his dust.

Tomasin and I took out his boat with Jack, Mike and Chris. Tomasin used a board that I do not know how to spell the name of, Chris and Mike wakeboarded and I single skied. The water was calmer than Sunday. Afterwards, Tomasin went back out with Dave and his friend Kurt. Chris, Mike and Jack dragged the tubes to the owner's house and got him to pump the tubes up with this pump.

For lunch, we loaded up the boats and headed to the Hamburger Hut at the Lassen View Resort. We had a long leisurely lunch. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and made both refueling the boat and the ride an adventure.

Back at the Dorado Inn, Hunter, Wallen, Tomasin and I took Mike and Jack back out for them to go tubing. We had two tubes behind the boat and the boys had a great time riding the tubes side-by-side. Once Jack got tired, Wallen and then Tomasin took turns riding with Mike. Nathan bought the Wallen's boat out and we eventually picked up Becky and her friend Amber from that boat. They took a couple of turns riding on the tubes between the Tomasin's boat.

Tomasin made up a batch of fuzzy navels which we enjoyed while waiting for Bob Wallen and Mary Rose to cook up a dinner of barbecued chicken. During dinner, I was marveling at the number of older kids. We had 8 adults and 18 "kids." Six of the kids are older than 20 and 10 of the kids are between 13 and 19. Only Jack and Mike are younger than 13. Jack did a great job of hanging with the older kids.

It is also interesting to note that the adults have definitely slowed down at night over the last twenty years! Although we still have our moments, we do not party as hard was we once did.

Almanor Day 4

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