Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another Perfect Storm [Celebrating Sharon's Birthday!]

After three plus days of being flat on my back with the flu, we swept into Sunday as one of those days that feels like a perfect storm. It was Sharon's Birthday, Jack's Cub Scout Pack's Pinewood Derby and Drew was appearing in a theater production. I spent the morning racing around both working with Jack on putting the final touches on his pinewood derby car and pulling off the first parts of Sharon's birthday.

Sharon took off to see the The Vagina Monologues with Liz at the Wm. J. Geery Theater. This is a small theater in downtown Sacramento in the basement of a Victorian.

About the same time, Jack and I took off for the Pinewood Derby. Not knowing quite what to expect, I got there a little before regristration was set to start; it turned out to a long afternoon. They had a track where the timings were measured by lasers and the results collected and organized in a computer. Unfortunately, they had trouble getting the system up and running and problems keeping it running once they started.

The races started about 45 minutes behind schedule. Jack's car ran four heats (once in each lane) and finished second twice and third twice. It was quickly apparent that I had made at least one key tactical error with Jack's car that caused it problems.

We had to wait until the end to see the results. Jack did not finish in the top three in his den and was bitterly disappointed. I did not feel so bad; clearly some of the parents had done this a number of times.

Afterwards, Jack and I raced home, changed clothes and headed downtown to meet Sharon and Liz for dinner. The four of us had dinner at The Melting Pot. This was a unique dining experience that we all enjoyed.

As Jack was crashing and burning, we ended the day back at home for birthday cake.

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