Monday, January 03, 2005

TiVoToGo transfers

I was very excited when I saw that Tivo had released TiVoToGo transfers. This enhancement allows you to transfer programs from your networked TiVo DVR (digital video recorder) to your desktop or laptop PC so you can watch programs on that PC. Tivo has also partnered with Sonic Solutions to offer DVD burning of these transferred shows.

I started through the instructions. First, I had to download and install a new Tivo Desktop client. After this, I had to find the right codecs to support play back on the PC and download and install these. I also had to download and install Windows Media Player 10.x. After doing all of this, I still could not get the desktop software to see programs on the Tivo. Although music and pictures files were transferred from the PC to the Tivo DVR, I could not transfer programs back to the PC.

Continuing to read the on-line documentation, I realized that the software on the Tivo DVR had to be upgraded. There is a web page where you can submit a priority request to have the system software upgraded. The web site says that due to the large number of customers who are eligible for this software release, it will take several weeks for you to receive the software after you put in your request!

urrgghhh. So after spending a bunch of time getting everything configured, I have to sit and wait for some undetermined time until the system software is upgraded. This seems like really poor planning on the part of Tivo. I am sure they announced today because the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show starts on Thursday.


  1. where did you find your codecs? I just got the update a couple of nights ago. I downloaded a program and was able to watch it but it didnt look that good. screen was squished and there was some annoying green flicker. i think i dont have the right codecs? any help????

  2. I bought the Sonic Codecs for $14.95; these are available at