Monday, January 31, 2005

TivoToGo Finally!

Four weeks ago, I was very excited about the announcement of TivoToGo. That night, I got everything set-up, signed up on the priority list, and sat back to wait. I got finally got the new Tivo enhancements pushed to me on Friday night, January 28.

So far, everything works as advertised. I was able to trans­fer a program from Tivo to my PC. I could watch the program on my PC.­ I downloaded a trial version of some sonic dvd creator software designed to work with the TivoToGo transfers. Using thi­s software, I burned a DVD with the program on it. My DVD player in the entertainment center was able to play back the DVD. We have­ a TV in the bedroom with a built in DVD player; this unit was also a­ble to play the DVD. Overall, the quality seemed good, but I would need to watch more including different types of material to be sure.

The only downside is the transfer time from the Tivo to the ­PC. A 30 minute program took about 30 minutes. My Tivo is attached w­irelessly; although it is a G USB adaptor and the access point is A/G/B­, Tivo only supports B.

Given the everything else seem to work so far, I don't view t­his as a major issue; I will just start large transfer at night.

I also successfully set-up my laptop. I transferred a program from Tivo to the laptop and could then play the program on the laptop. This will be good for traveling. I can load up a couple of programs that I can then watch on a plane or in a hotel room.

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