Sunday, March 13, 2005

To Orange County and back

I spent the day traveling to Orange County and back to see Drew. Heading to the airport early, the plane that I supposed to take had mechnical problems; there was a lot of hydraulic fluid dripping from under the engine.

Southwest then did something that I have never seen an airline do before. They put the passengers from our plane on the next flight that arrived in Sacramento. They told the passengers waiting for that plane that they were getting the next plane that arrived in Sacramento. It is my experience that airlines will typically cancel the flight and then rebook the passengers on later flights.

I saw Drew in a student production of Bat Boy, The Muscial. He did a great job in the role of Dr. Palmer.

Afterwards, Drew had a short call back for Seussical the Musical. When he was finished, we stopped by his apartment and then went out to dinner. He dropped me at the airport after dinner.

It was very nice to see Drew and spent a few hours with him.

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