Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Local Bands Rock for Darfur

Local Bands Rock for Darfur - New University Online
Next up was Andrew Heringer, who provided a complete change of pace as he strummed through a few catchy, folksy acoustic guitar songs with djembe accompaniment. The fact that “djembe” is spelled with a “d” was a fun fact audience members learned during Heringer’s performance.

Heringer was a great singer, with vocals that fans of Counting Crows will probably appreciate. His easygoing, witty songs provided a nice contrast to the other harder-rocking bands.

Lyrics like “We’re needing this road-trip to remind us we’re alive” and “Won’t you let me introduce myself? I’m the one who draws the circles” provided a light-hearted cynicism that fit the music perfectly.

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