Monday, May 21, 2007

Song for 1985

The song for 1985 interweaves a couple of unrelated topics. I started working for Farm Credit in late 1980. By early 1982, I had gotten to know Larkin at the banks and started skiing with him. At some point in the next couple of years, I was riding with Larkin and he was playing a tape by the Irish band Simply Red. I ended up buying the album.

Jumping to a completely different thread, one of the things that I lost when my first marriage imploded was the relationships that I had built over ten years with Jamie, Jane and Bill. Jamie and I would occasionally ski together. One time, after a long day of skiing at Heavenly, we were driving back to Shingle Springs in the dark. I was charging hard down the two lane section of Highway 50 somewhere between Strawberry and Ice House Road. At one point, Simply Red was playing and Jamie turned to me and said "can you even see the road?"

The song for 1985 is Simply Red's Holding Back the Years.

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