Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2007 Almanor Day 5

Wallen and I ran north from the Dorado Inn along the lake. I was able to do a little better job keeping up with Wallen than I did on Monday. Our pace got faster over the course of the run: mile 1-8:52; mile 2-8:49; mile 3-8:46; and mile 4-8:33.

After a quick breakfast, I took Jack, Morgan, Drew and Kaylen out on the boat. Drew and Kaylen both wakeboarded. Back at the cabin, Kaylen packed up and headed home. She is moving to New York City on Saturday.

The afternoon was spent playing horseshoes.

It was my night to cook so I ran into Chester to pick up a few things at the store. I had hoped to take Jack bike riding on the Bizz Johnson Trail on Thursday. I stopped at the place in Chester that rents bike only to find out that they will not rent bikes for anyone under 18! I called and talked to the place in Susanville and got the same answer; they will not rent bikes for anyone under 18 due to insurance reasons.

Hunter and I were doing dinner together. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting dinner organized. Drew did a great job making the salad, while Morgan worked on the pasta sauce. We served ham, pasta, salad, macaroni and some pasta salad left over from Tomasin.

After dinner, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Robbie's 23rd birthday.

After dinner, we had a fair amount of excitement. Hunter has not been feeling well over the last couple of days so Tomasin, Chris and he decided to head to the emergency room in Chester. While they were gone, Robby took a few people out in the boat. The boat died in the middle of the lake and they could not get it restarted. Eventually, Robby got a hold of Danny and Wallen and I ended up going out to tow them back.

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