Sunday, August 12, 2007

2007 Santa Fe Day 2

Sharon got up early and went to a yoga class. Afterwards, we wandered down to the Lodge for breakfast. The service was slow; it hard to figure out whether or not they do not have enough staff or they just do not care.

After breakfast, Sharon went to the spa for a hot rock massage, while I ran on the treadmill and Jack rode six plus miles on the stationary bike.

Getting cleaned up, we went into town to explore the Canyon Drive area of Santa Fe. This street has a concentration of art galleries.

Back at Bishop's Lodge, we went out with a group for a horseback ride. We rode for two hours up to the top of the Bishop's Lodge property. At the half way point, there was a great vista point; pictures will not do it justice. You could see some peaks in Colorado. It started to rain at the end of the ride.

Changing into our suits, we headed to the pool. At some point, it really started to rain and we went back to the room. It rain hard for a little over an hour accompanied by thunder and lighting.

We had dinner at the SantaCafe. Dinner was excellent, it got two wows from Sharon. She and Jack split rack of lamb, while I had a hanger steak. Sharon gave the dinner her highest rating (beyond category), while I thought it was not as good the meal we had in Reims.

We crashed back at the room about 10:30 p.m.

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