Friday, August 03, 2007

2007 Almanor Day 7

After a very late night, it was a very quiet Friday morning. Eventually, I got up and ran four miles north along the lake. I struggled; I pushed myself too hard running with Wallen on Monday and Wednesday and tweaked my left hip. Jack and I played cribbage on the picnic tables afterwards.

As everyone started to stir, Snipes and I took Jack and Mike out on the tubes. Unfortunately, for the first time all week, the wind started to pick up before lunch. We went back out in the boat with Drew, Morgan, Jack, Keith and Snipes for some wakeboarding. Keith and his friend Drew wakeboarded, but it was just getting too rough.

Back at the dock, Snipes and I spent some time sitting in the boat discussing the meaning of life. Hunter organized a group for a late lunch at Plumas Pines resort. We ended up taking two boats across the lake. The rest of the afternoon was spent with horseshoes and waverunners. Much to Jack's delight, Robbie borrowed Chabrier's waverunners. Loren took Jack out for a long run on the waverunners.

While the kids ordered pizza, the Adults (Hunter, Debbie, Kurt, Tomasin, Julie, a couple up for the day who were friends of Tomasin, Wallen, Jill, Kyle and Mary Rose) went to the Peninsula Grill for dinner. I had the chef's special pasta with shrimp and scallops. The Chabriers joined us at some point during the dinner. With several people wanting to ski early on Saturday morning, we were back to the cabins a little after 10:30 p.m.

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