Saturday, July 26, 2008

2008 Lake Almanor Day 1

Every year for 21 years I have gone to the Dorado Inn at Lake Almanor for a week.

This year started off a little different. Wallen's dad died in early July. There was a private burial while Jack and I were at Cub Scout Camp. They had a public celebration today in Redding.

Jack and I scrambled to get ready for the week at Almanor and get to Redding in time for the 1 p.m. service. We attended the celebration. Jim did a very nice job talking about his dad. In addition, about a half a dozen other people got up and shared their rememberances. Afterwards, there was a reception in the social hall at the church. One of the sister-in-laws put together a very nice slide show of Dr. Wallen's life.

From there we took off for Lake Almanor. We got to the Dorado Inn about 5:30 p.m. Sharon and Janie wound their way through Chico and got there about 30 minutes after we did. Kurt, Joy, Craig, Keith, a friend of Keith's, Bobby, Debbie, Robbie, Robbie's girl friend, Danny, Loren and Morgan were already there when we showed up.

The Snipes had gotten there about noon and rented a boat. Kurt was lamenting the fact that no one else was there to play with the rest of the afternoon until Bobby showed up just before we did.

We had the traditional first night pizza dinner at the Buffalo Chips in Westwood.

By the time we got back from dinner, Wallen, Jill, Nate, Becky, Bob, Suzette, Jenny and C.J. had rolled in.

I am looking forward to a week on the lake.

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