Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Lake Almanor Day 5

After a late night, everyone was very, very slow getting going in the morning. Jack actually slept until almost 9:00 a.m. With the Rich Bar fire only a few miles south of Lake Almanor, the day started out pretty smokey.

Eventually, Tomasin got a boat going. Jack and I went out with out on the Snipes boat with Snipes, Joy, Craig, Keith and Chris. Chris and Keith wakeboarded. Catching up with the Tomasin boat, Craig switched to that boat and wakeskated for five or six very long runs. Only Tomasin, Chris and Bachman were in that boat.

After Craig was done, I switched over to the Tomasin boat and wakeboarded. After figuring out how to get up on the wakeboard for the first time yesterday, I had two longer runs working on getting the feel for the board. I was very satisfied with the progress I have made over the last two days trying to learn to wakeboard. While I wakeboarded, the Snipes took Jack tubing.

By the time we got the boats back to the cabins, it was almost 2 p.m. Bachman was iching to play horseshoes. Bachman and I beat Drew and David two out of three games, but then lost to Tomasin and Hunter.

I took Jack on a long run on the waverunners. With Drew on the other waverunner, we spent some time shadowing the Tomasin boat and working at splashing each other.

The Snipes made fajitas for dinner. After dinner, we celebrated Craig's birthday with cake and ice cream.

Jack and I finished the evening playing a couple of games of cribbage on the picnic tables.

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