Sunday, July 06, 2008

Boulder Creek Scout Reservation Day 1

Jack and I were scheduled to spent three days at the Camp Pico Blanco Scout Reservation on the coast north on Big Sur. With the fires on the coast, they moved us to the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation near Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz mountains.

With the budget process in full swing, I agonized about whether or not I could take time away from work. Additionally, Wallen's Dad died last week. The burial is Monday in Lake County and I would really like to attend the service. Given at this is Jack's last year in Cub Scouts, I made a decision on early Sunday to go with him.

Jack and I left Sacramento about 11 a.m. on Sunday with Philip, Tim and one other scout in a caravan with three cars. After a quick stop for lunch, the group got to the camp about 2:30 p.m.

Rather than a lake, this camp has a pool. After getting the tent set up, we took a tour of the camp and everyone including the adults had a swimming test.

The boys spent the some time exploring the area including a nice creek and runs north of the camp site. Unfortunately, this camp does not offer any fishing. Last year, the fishing at Camp Lassen was a huge hit.

After evening colors, everyone headed to dinner. The group includes about 50 or 60 cubs and parents compared to more than 250 at Camp Lassen last year. The dining hall is essentially a receiving line and some tables on a deck covered with a tent.

We finished the evening with a Songfest and Opening Campfire at the Campfire Bowl. The camp staff did a very nice job leading the kids in a number of songs, performing some skits and kicking off the next couple of days.

By the time we got all of the kids back to camp and settled down for the night, it was almost 10:00 p.m.

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