Thursday, January 01, 2009

For Your Eyes Only

Sharon, Jack and I watched For Your Eyes Only. Released in 1981, this is the twelfth spy film of the British James Bond series and the fifth to star Roger Moore as the British secret agent James Bond. The screenplay takes its characters from and combines the plots of two short stories from Ian Fleming's collection For Your Eyes Only: the title story and Risico. It also includes elements inspired by the novels Live and Let Die (the keelhauling sequence), Goldfinger (the identigraph sequence) and On Her Majesty's Secret Service (the opening at the graveyard).

After killing Blofeld in the opening sequences, Bond becomes tangled in a web of deception spun by rival Greek businessmen against the backdrop of Cold War spy games. After a British spy ship sink off the coast of Albania, the world's superpowers begin a feverish search for its valuable lost cargo: the powerful ATAC system, which will give its bearer unlimited control over Polaris nuclear submarines. Bond's investigations leads to Greece where he meets Melina Havelock, out for revenge for the murder of her parents.

In addition to Roger Moore as James Bond, the cast includes Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock, Julian Glover as Aristotle Kristatos and Chaim Topol as Milos Columbo.

The movie includes some great scenery in Italy and Greece. The climatic scenes are filmed in Metéora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Greece is definitely on my short list of countries to visit.

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