Saturday, January 03, 2009


Sharon, Morgan, Jack and I went snowmobiling. Driving up for the day from Sacramento, we went to Lake Tahoe Adventures in South Lake Tahoe. They put us on a bus to the Hope Valley off of Highway 88. We spent a little more than two hours covering more than 20 miles with a couple of stops to enjoy the great scenery. With the snowfall on Friday, the trees were covered. The weather cooperated; it was mostly sunny and with a very light wind.

Sharon has been wanting to try snowmobiling for a long time. Unfortunately, Sharon got cold and was a little miserable. I really enjoyed the trip. It was a interesting way to see a lot more area than you could on snowshoes or crosscountry skis.

I carried the Garmin and will generate some maps and views of the terrain in Google Earth in the next couple of days. Given how far we went, I am very interested in exploring the area in Google Earth.

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