Monday, January 26, 2009

NBA Power Rankings 2008-2009 Week 13

At 10-35, these Kings are on pace to challenge for the worst record in franchise history that is held by the Cincinnati Royals of 1958-59 (19-53 in a 72-game season) and the 1959-60 Royals (19-56 in a 75-game schedule). They are also on pace to become the worst team in the Sacramento era – the 1989-90 Kings went 23-59.

The Kings dropped two spots to 30th in Marc Stein's weekly power rankings of NBA teams; they are ranked as the worst team in the league.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association - ESPN
The good news: Brad Miller hasn't done his trade value any harm by averaging a passable 13.4 points and 9.5 rebounds in January. The bad news: Kings opponents in January are rumbling for 113.8 points per game.

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