Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 San Jose Day 2

Sleeping late, we eventually had breakfast in the La Pastaia restaurant which is located in the Hotel De Anza. After breakfast, I wandered around the downtown looking for a couple of waymarks. In particular, the site of the City Gardens Nursery where Louis Pellier, founder of California's prune industry, introduced the French prune-la petite prune d'Agen-into California. The farm that I grew up on included more than 600 acres of prunes.

Checking out of the hotel, we stopped at a Relax the Back store that Sharon had seen on the previous day and then headed to the NASA Ames Exploration Center. This turned out to a smaller venue than I expected, but had a couple of interesting exhibits, including a moon rock.

From there, we headed to downtown Sunnyvale and had a late lunch with my sister Lee Ann and her husband Dean at Thai Basil.

Lee Ann got a Brussels Griffin a couple of months ago. So after lunch, we headed over to their home to play with the puppy.

We started for home and wound our way back to Elk Grove by the early evening.

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