Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 PAL Varsity Comp Basketball SEAS versus St. Mary's Scrimmage

Friday night, the SEAS Eagles scrimmaged against St. Mary's. On our way to a Christmas party, Sharon and I only stayed long enough to see Jack play a couple minutes of the first period. With St. Mary's immediately doubling the ball, Jack struggled initially. On a positive note, he said that he eventually shot 2 for 3 from the field.

I continue to puzzle at how the team is going to sort out. At best, Jack will probably be the second player off the bench. With 15 boys on the team, I have a hard time figuring out how they are going to run the rotation. I believe that the league rules require everyone to play in a game.

Additionally, Jack is the youngest player on the team. There are eighth graders on the team that are two years older than him. Some of his own seventh grade classmates are almost a year older than he is. Sharon and I were laughing because one of the players on the St. Mary's team had a mustache and a five o'clock shadow.

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