Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ESPN iScore Basketball

During January and February, I scored twenty-two of Jack's basketball games using ESPN iScore Basketball on the Apple iPad. The application has two different scoring modes called game mode and coach mode. I used the coach scoring mode exclusively and focused on keeping complete statistics for Jack's team. Except for keeping track of the baskets and free throws, I mostly ignored the other team. The only exception was when there was someone on the other team that I knew and wanted to track. For example, against St. Patricks, I kept some statistics for Cooper who plays with Jack on the Outlaws Baseball Team. Next year, I will attempt to keep more complete statistics for both teams.

I am extremely pleased with the output from the program for each game; you can find an example here. I particularly enjoyed being able to look at the shot charts after each game. The program supports uploading all of the statistics and game information to a web site. The web provides a great view at the season to date statistics for each of the players, as well as the box score and the statistics for each game.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with how well the program worked.

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