Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 PAL Flag Football SEAS versus St. John Evangelist

The SEAS Eagles played in the first round of the 2011 PAL Flag Football play-offs against SJE. Last year, SEAS lost to SJE in the semi-final game of the 2010 flag football season. Additionally, they lost to SJE in the second round of the 2011 PAL basketball tournament. With SEAS' starting quarterback [Joe] in South Bend to see the Notre Dame versus Navy game and visit his sister, I was very apprehensive about how the game was going to go.

On offense, Jack played wide receiver. He had two touchdown catches in the first half. In the second half, Jack had beaten his man on a go pattern down the sideline twice, but the quarterback overthrew him. One of these was just off Jack's fingertips.

On defense, Jack played cornerback. He intercepted a pitch-out, but the play was called dead before the pitch.

On the strength of Jack's two touchdown catches, an interception by Jake and a touchdown catch by Jacob, SEAS led 18 to 16 at half-time. SJE's strength was their defensive line. They rushed their three best athletes and made it very difficult for Michael at quarterback. The problem got worse in the second half as SEAS quarterback got sacked a number of times. Combined with poor field position, SEAS never got their offensive going in the second half. Joe could have a difference; I think that he could have evaded the rush.

SJE put together one drive in the second half and scored with about three minutes left in the game. SJE ended up winning the game by the score of 24 to 18.

This was a very disjointed flag football season. The team ended up only playing four regular season games (there was one forfeit) in eight weeks. Essentially, they ended up playing every other week. They just didn't play enough...

Jack scored in each of their five games. He had nine touchdowns: seven catches and one rushing.

The Outlaws are playing in tournaments the next two weekends. PAL basketball then starts in earnest with try-outs the week of November 13.

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