Friday, October 07, 2011

2011 PAL Flag Football SEAS versus St. Mary's

Jack, Jacob and Joe covering a kick-off

The SEAS Eagles played the St. Mary's Mustangs in the third game of the 2011 PAL flag football season. Although they have played St. Mary's a number of times in basketball over the last several years, they did not play St. Mary's in football last year.

On offense, Jack played wide receiver. He caught two passes. Joe threw a long pass that Jack caught right in front of the goal line. Jack lost track of where he was, stopped and had his flag pulled; he thought that he was on the end line of the goal line. On third and goal, Joe then threw a fade in the right corner of the end zone that Jack went up and pulled down for a touchdown. Joe threw three other passes in Jack's general direction: one at his feet on a extra point conversion; another deep down the field which Joe was essentially throwing away; and a third on a second extra point conversion that went through Jack's hand [Joe was called for being past the line of scrimmage].

On defense, the Jack played linebacker. He had one interception. Jack went up high and pulled the ball down one handed. I continue to worry about his right wrist after last weekend's misadventures.

Although the Eagles looked strong on defense, they looked out of sync on offense. Joe had a long run for the first score and Jack caught a pass for the second score. Their only other points came on a long interception return for a touchdown by Malcolm. Part of the problem was the number of penalties that were called. I would guess that more than fifteen penalties were called. This really slowed down and disrupted the game.

SEAS won the game by the score of 18 to 6. Their record is now 3 and 0. They play again on Sunday.

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