Sunday, June 02, 2013

2013 Hawaii - Day Eight - Snorkeling at Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach

Finally sleeping a little later, we got coffee and breakfast from a coffee shop in the hotel. We went to 9:00 am Mass at St. Williams in Hanalei.

The plan for the day is to snorkel at Tunnels Beach. This is highlighted as one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. Stopping for some fish tacos at Tropical Taco, we cruised to the end of the road before turning around and parking off of the beach. We were lucky to find a spot fairly close.

Sharon, Jack and I spent a couple of hours snorkeling. It was good, but not fantastic. The area further out where the reef dropped off were particularly interesting, but Sharon and Jack got spooked by the deeper water and the current.

Heading back to the room in the early afternoon, Sharon and I spend some time hanging out at the pool bar. At one point, it started to pour. In general, we have been very lucky on Kauai; we never really got rained on while we were trying to do something. Given the pace of the last few days, it was nice to have a lazier late afternoon.

Getting cleaned up, Sharon and I watched the sunset from the hotel balcony. Unfortunately, we didn't have a plan for dinner. Working with the concierge, we ended up going to the Tavern by Princeville by Roy Yamaguchi. I was not impressed with the food or the atmosphere. It is definitely not somewhere that I would recommend. Jack and I both had the shrimp scampi.

We ended up crashing fairly early. Tomorrow is moving day and we have to get an early start.

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