Monday, June 24, 2013

Game of Thrones - Season Three

Catching up on episodes on the DVR from vacation, I finished watching season three of Game of Thrones. I finished season two in December and season one last October.

While I was shocked in season one at the number of the main characters that they killed off, after three seasons, this has become standard ware. It is interesting how the slaughter of main characters is used to advance the stories. Not having read the books, I have been surprised whenever it has happened.

I enjoyed season three and felt that it was overall a little better than season two. Apparently, season three was the first half of the third book. As a result, the season didn't seem to wrap itself up as well as season two did. There were alot of plot lines that were left hanging. We are going to have to wait nine months for season four...

I am still not sure that I will ever read the books. Based on listening to a number of podcasts, it appears the books go into a lot of detail about the back stories of the families and the history of the regions. My brother-in-law Tom has read the books. I am going to have to explore the subject with him again.

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