Sunday, June 23, 2013

Walbeck Elite Baseball Practice

Almost two weeks ago in his first game back from vacation, Jack pulled an abdominal muscle charging a grounder while playing left field. After being checked out by his pediatrician, he took a week off skipping the game against Hard 90 on Tuesday, a group work out on Thursday and the College Showcase on Saturday.

After he and I threw and ran in the park in Friday night, he felt like he could test it on Sunday. The Walbeck Elite were scheduled to play a double header against MVP. Unfortunately, something got screwed up and MVP didn't show up. Matt took the team to Bella Vista High School for a practice. From Jack's perspective, this was probably the best thing that could have happened. He looked good. Jack said that it only bothered him a little. Hopefully, he is on the road to being full speed again.

As a footnote, I have not played catch with Jack recently. Using his right handed first baseman's glove (I am left handed), I thought that he was going to kill me when we played catch on Friday. I kept thinking that I was going to misplay one of his throws and get seriously hurt. Just more reinforcement of how big and strong he is getting...

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