Thursday, June 06, 2013

2013 Hawaii - Day Twelve - Lahaina

At one point, we had talked about snorkeling around Black Rock on the beach near the hotel, but ultimately decided to take a much mellower approach to the last full day of the vacation.

Sharon went to yoga, while I did my normal treadmill workout (6 miles and 60 minutes) with a view of the ocean.

After getting cleaned up, we headed into Lahaina to wander around and have lunch. Until permanently moving to Honolulu, Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. In the 19th century, Lahaina was the center of the global whaling industry with many sailing ships anchored at its waterfront. The town has a number of historical buildings and sites.

Sharon has been reading Michener's Hawaii on the trip. The missionaries in the book landed initially in Lahaina. Sharon wandered through the Badwin House, one of the earliest houses on the islands that was built by the missionaries.

We had a nice lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We all had tropical mahi mahi sandwiches.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel, I spent some time lounging around adult pool with an adult beverage and my book. Sharon eventually joined me. We wandered up the beach to check out a restaurant at the Hyatt Regency called Japengo. It was supposed to have a great view of the Lahaina Harbor, the ocean and the sunset. Liking what we saw, we made a reservation for later.

Sharon, Jack and I finished the night walking back to Japengo and having a nice sushi dinner.

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