Saturday, November 30, 2013

DeMarini Top 96 Showcase Day 1

Jack spent a long day at Anderson Field at Occidental College at the Academic West Coast Meets East Coast plus Ivy League Schools DeMarini Top 96 Showcase. The schedule included clinics on hitting and outfield.

Each of the boys was also evaluated by a college coach. In Jack's case, it was Josh Tutwiler from William and Mary. They used the following scale: 5-exceptional; 4-above avg; 3-avg HS; 2-below avg HS; and 1-needs improvement.

Jack did not rate as well in this showcase as he did in July.

In hitting, Jack rated 3 on balance, 2.5 on bat speed, 2.5 on power and 3 on swing path.

Last July, Jack rated 4 on balance, 3.5 on bat speed, 3 on power and 4 on swing path.

In fielding, he rated 2.5 on footwork, 2.5 on fielding, 2.5 on exchange, 3.5 on arm strength and 3.5 on accuracy.

Last July, he rated 3 on footwork, 3 on fielding, 2.5 on exchange, 2.5 on arm strength and 3.5 on accuracy.

They were also timed for 60 yards. We didn't get that time. Hopefully, it will be emailed later.

Sharon and I participated with Jack when the coach talked to him at the end of the day. Sharon was with Jack in July and said that the other coach was much more positive.

The group probably included 80 boys. They were color coded by age. The 2016 graduates wore blue jerseys, the 2015 graduates wore black jerseys and the 2014 graduates wore grey jerseys. There were probably 12 younger boys, 55 juniors and 16 seniors.

While Jack spent the day at the showcase, Sharon and I hiked Eaton Canyon Park in the morning and hung out at the hotel. A picture and maps from the hike are here. After lunch at the hotel, we walked through the Old Mill, the oldest commercial building in Southern California.

Getting to the ball park about 7:30 am, it was after 4:30 pm and getting dark by the time Jack had this interview. We headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up. With Drew and Nicki driving back to Southern California from C@rmel, we met them for dinner at Trattoria Neapolis. It was great to see Drew and Nicki, but everyone thought that the food was only so so.

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