Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ernie Hodges Retirement Dinner

Ernie Hodges' Retirement DinnerWith Mary Maloney in town for the weekend, Mary, Sharon and I went to a dinner for Ernie Hodges' retirement from Farm Credit at the Hilton. I worked for Farm Credit for almost eighteen years, from October of 1980 to summer of 1998. I worked with Ernie in the late 1990's. Sharon has worked with Ernie at F@rm Credit West over the last five years.

There were a large number of people that I knew from my Farm Credit days, including Sandy Mansfield, Judy Hill, Tom Croft, Bruce Strickler, Jeana and Larry Hultquist, Ron Carli, Dick Piper and Gary Dwyer. Unfortunately, George Beitzel was not there... Sharon and I sat with Mary, Holly, Gary Olson and the board chairman and his wife at dinner.

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