Saturday, May 16, 2015

St. Francis versus Franklin

Sharon, Jack and I went to the St. Francis versus Franklin Sac Joaquin section D-1 girls soccer championship game at Cosumnes Oaks High School. Bridget plays forward for St. Francis.

St. Francis lost the game by the score of 3 to 0. Kristie said that they had split during the regular season, wining 1 to 0 and losing 3 to 1. Although Jack disagreed with me, St. Francis looked outmuscled. They spent most of the game on their heels playing defense.

I was fascinated by the fact that two of the Franklin players were playing with bubble wrapped arms. One of the Franklin forwards played with her forearm, wrist and hand wrapped in bubble wrap. Eventually drawing a yellow card, she seemed to be effectively using it as a club on the St. Francis players. I am curious about the rules regarding playing with a cast or a brace.




After the game, Sharon and I had dinner at the Lido Cafe in Carmichael. The food was only so so. Sharon liked the live music.

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