Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016 Georgetown Move-in Weekend Day 4

Sharon and I slept in until about 8 am and had breakfast at the hotel. Sharon had wanted to do a neighborhood tour again, but by the time we caught a cab to the main gates of the campus, it was after 10 am.

We caught up with Jack at the Chaplain's Tea. Jack was in line with Jack Ryan, a classmate from Jesuit High School. Including our Jack, there are three boys on Jack's dorm floor from his high school! We ended up visiting with Jack Ryan's parents for awhile.

We then took Sacred Spaces tour. This included a tour of the Catholic chapel, an Eastern Orthodox space, a Muslim space, a mediation space and a Protestant chapel. In each of the stops, they talked about the religion and the key features of the building.

From there, we went to Jack's dorm room and installed Microsoft Office on his laptop. His aunt Lee Ann bought him a new laptop for graduation. He transferred everything over to it, but we needed to install Office. Jack actually has an Excel class this semester.

We went from there to the car barn for presentation on study aboard programs. The place was a zoo. We weren't able to get into the general overview session, but did attend a sesson on programs in Germany and France. Jack is taking French. We smiled when we saw that one of the German programs is in Frieburg.

Heading back to the campus, we got a late quick bit to eat in the dining commons. They were just closing down for lunch.

Sharon, Jack and I then went to a reception for the McDonough School of Business. After the reception, Jack took off to meet up with his orientation group. From this point forward, we didn't see much of him for the rest of the weekend. There is a great view from the top of the business school.

We ended up talking to Jack's roommate George's parent's (Pete and Linda) for almost an hour and a half. I had hoped to try and get out to see the Nooter's new house, but I could never get a grip on the schedule. By the time, we stopped visiting with George's parents, it was too late to connect with the Nooters.

Although there were some more choices, I was done going to sessions at this point... Sharon and I walked into Georgetown. We stopped at Martin's Tavern for a snack. Continuing towards our hotel, we stopped at ENO. We had stopped here last summer when we were on our college tour.

After getting freshed up in the hotel room, we ended up having a very late dinner at Ris near the hotel. We had the fixed menu; Sharon had trout and I had a pork chop.

With a lot on the schedule for Sunday, we set an alarm for 6:20 am.

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