Sunday, August 14, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

After an early dinner on Saturday night, Sharon and I headed to the UA Theater at Arden to watch Star Trek Beyond. This is the thirteenth film in the Star Trek film franchise and the third installment in the reboot series. I have an unsuccessful project to go back and see all of the other Star Trek films in order like we did with the James Bond films.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reprise their roles as Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock. The plot involves a nebula, a bio-weapon and a Federation space craft that has been lost for more than 100 years. The villain is an original one, rather than a known antagonist from past stories in the Star Trek franchise.

This is a watchable movie; I give it a B+. I am not a big fan of time travel plots. Although the plot doesn't explicitly involve time travel, there is still hangover from the first movie in the series reboot that plays a part in the story...

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