Sunday, December 30, 2018

House of Cards - Season Six

After getting back from visiting with my sisters on Saturday night, December 29, Sharon and I finished the sixth season of House of Cards. We finished season one in October of 2016, season two in November of 2016, season three in April of 2017, season four in June of 2017 and season five in September of 2017. This season was originally released on November 2, 2018.

The season does not include former lead actor Kevin Spacey who was fired from the show due to sexual misconduct allegations. In the wake of Spacey's firing, Robin Wright leads the sixth season of House of Cards. Her character, Claire Underwood, assumed the presidency at the end of the previous season.

New additions to the cast included Diane Lane and Greg Kenner who played Annette and Bill Shepherd, the sister-brother inheritors of an industrial conglomerate. Portrayed as a family with the power to influence politics, the characters were inspired by the Koch brothers.

I really hated this season. I disliked it even more than I disliked season three. They were already filming season six when Spacey was fired. It is clear that they quickly rewrote the plot for the season. The end result is a disjointed abbreviated season with lots of loose ends and a bad finale.

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